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Shanti's Wheat Crispy come with lovable crunchiness that enhances the final product. - We offer wheat crispy in plain and cocoa flavor. - The shape and size are uniform. - The moisture content is 5% max. - Provides good volume to final product. Keywords: Wheat Crispy , Wheat Crunch , Crunchiness in Ice Creams , Crunch in Ice Cream , Wheat Crispy manufacturer in India , Best quality Wheat Crispy , Wheat Crunch manufacturer in India , Best quality Wheat Crunch , Wheat Crispy cocoa , Cocoa Wheat Crispy , Cocoa Wheat Crunch , Wheat Crunch manufacturer at Rajkot , Wheat Crispy Manufacturer in Western India , Wheat Crispy for Frostick , Manufacturer of Rice Crispy , Rice Crunch , Rice Balls , Rice Balls Manufacturer in India , Rice Balls manufacturer at Gujarat , Best quality Rice Crispy manufacturer , Rice Crispy in Maharashtra , Rice Crispy Bangalore , Rice Crispy Delhi ,
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