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Crispy Delight! Crispy Bites of Shanti's like none other's in four delicious flavors: CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY PINEAPPLE MANGO Keywords: Crispy Bites , Crispy Crunch , Mango Crunch , Chocolate Crunch , Pineapple Crunch , Strawberry Crunch , Shanti's , Snacks , Staples , Ready to Eat ,
Welcome to Shanti's ! We are the leading manufacturer of finest quality Breakfast cereals and Snacks. Corn Flakes Choco Flakes Wheat Flakes Honey Corn Flakes Crispy Bites Rice Crispy Oats Ring
Shanti's Rice Crispy We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of Rice Crispy used in the Products Like: Chocolate Bars, Crispy Biscuits, Nutrition Bar, Crispy Cake etc. Flavors : Plain and Cocoa Keywords: Rice Crispy , Rice Balls , Crispy Balls , Rice Crunch , Crispy Pops , Crunch Balls , Rice Crispy In Gujarat , Rice crispy manufacturer in Rajkot , Rice Crispy India , Rice balls in India , Rice crunch in India , Visit us: Reach us: 9974899740
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Start your day with Shanti's Product! Give your family a healthy breakfast with low fat and zero cholesterol. Keywords: Shanti's Group Rajkot , Gujarat , India , Healthy Breakfast , Leading manufacturing firm , Shanti Snacks , Shanti Food India , Shanti Foodchem Visit us: Write us:
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Shanti's Honey Corn Flakes Keywords: Honey Corn Flakes , Manufacturer of Honey Corn Flakes , Manufacturer and Exporter of Honey Corn Flakes , Rich Breakfast Cereal , Quality Breakfast Cereal , Real Honey Coat , Breakfast Cereals , Visit Us: Write Us: